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Michelle Pet Sitter FishHawk, Florida

Michelle Quessenberry
Owner, No Place Like Home Pet Sitting

My name is Michelle Quessenberry. I was born in Ohio, and raised in Seminole, Florida. I have been an animal lover my entire life. My passion for animals developed at a very young age while watching my parents breed, raise, train, and show Dobermans. I started interning at animal hospitals right out of high school, and even worked as a kennel tech at several animal hospitals.

I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and have always been either a dog or a cat owner. I was introduced to the world of professional pet sitting years ago when I began hiring people to take care of my own pets when I traveled. Prior to this, I had known kennels to be the only option. I absolutely LOVED the idea of having them stay in the comfort of their own home while we traveled.

Then, in May 2013, I went after a dream of mine… I became a small business owner and established No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC – and provide superb service for pet owners living in the FishHawk Ranch and surrounding communities of Lithia, FL.

I currently have 2 dogs; an 11 year old Golden Retriever, named Bella, who has been a part of our family since she was 8 weeks old, and a 6 year old Maltipoo, named Biscuit, who we adopted from a local family who could no longer care for him. Due to my son’s extreme allergy, we cannot have cats in our home, however, pet sitting fills that void.

I lived in the wonderful community of FishHawk Ranch in Lithia, FL for 11 years and recently moved just outside of the community. I have two beautiful children, a loving, supportive husband, and have a well-established reputation in the community.

I have 10 years of volunteer experience with various Hillsborough County PTA/PTSA positions within the area schools, including FishHawk Creek Elementary, Bevis Elementary, and Randall Middle. I also served as the Ambassador for the Neighborhood Watch Program within my community village. Retiring recently from all the school volunteering positions has allowed for me to be more actively involved in dog rescue – I LOVE to foster, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs as much as possible. Nothing is more rewarding that giving an abandoned or abused dog a second chance.

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Sherry Lange – Pet Sitter 

My name is Sherry Lange.  I am an animal lover.  Really, I am a natural born nurturer and care-giver. I was raised in the suburbs outside of Chicago, Illinois where my family got their first dog – a German Shepherd that was named Pirate because my parents were born and raised in Pittsburgh. I watched my mom take care of her and train her to respond to traditional commands like: sit, stay, come, lie down, and heel. She also taught Pirate to go “out” only in one small corner of her yard, not to leave the property and  to look menacing if a stranger came around. I learned a lot from my mom about caring for pets as well as children, and that is that being disciplined provides for freedom of expression and a safe structure for having fun.

I have raised 4 boys, 2 sons and 2 step-sons in partnership with my husband, Paul Lange and my ex-husband whom I have a great relationship with, providing the most nurturing and safe environment for all 4 of my boys. I have also raised two cute doggies of my own; Ranger -a collie that I got while I was in college, and Rocky -a golden retriever that we got when the boys were in elementary school. My sons have also had a wide variety of smaller pets ranging from birds to snakes. I enjoy them all.

I have lived in FishHawk for 8 years and am an empty-nester now. Our last doggie recently joined his brothers and sisters in doggie heaven and all but one of my boys lives away from home. The one still at home is completing his second year at HCC and will most likely be moving out soon. I am happy to start to slow down and enjoy helping out with your beloved pets while being able to continue to be a care-giver. 

Laurel Hughes – Pet Sitter

I was born in Massachusetts and raised in many states (military family) throughout our beautiful country. This is my second year living in the area and I’m loving it here!

Growing up, I spent my summers on my Aunt and Uncle’s ranch in Texas, where I fell in love with God’s wild and domesticated creatures, from feathered friends and border collies to large ranch animals. I fondly remember Farmer Turner’s horse on the ranch, named Stupid. Ironically while I trained him, he taught me the importance of respecting large animals and how important it is to teach an animal to respect and obey me. He wasn’t “stupid,” just stubborn; he was so much more than his name implied. Over the years at the ranch, I learned the best way to work with animals is to be firm and consistent, yet loving.

After I finished college, I worked for several years but eventually chose to stay at home to raise my children. They share my love for cats and dogs, and we adopted a geriatric Mohair rabbit named Mo. He happily spent his golden years in a baby doll carriage or doll house, never far from their sides.

As a former educator, I engaged my nurturing side by teaching children and adults at church, public school, and private tutoring. I now care for newborns at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

My favorite hobby is to be out in nature and to enjoy the beauty of God’s world. As a pet caregiver, I get the best of everything; caring for animals and enjoying nature. I’m often a pet caregiver for friends and neighbors. I enjoy making new pet buddies – they bring a smile to my face and warm my heart. I look forward to caring for your pet in the familiar surroundings of your home!  

Colin McKinlay – Pet Sitter

From Michigan originally; I have lived in California, North Carolina, Virginia and, of course, Florida. As I have grown up, it seems as though one thing in my life has remained constant- my love of animals all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter at all what it is, if it’s part of our biosphere it’s part of my passion.

I have had numerous kinds of pets over the years; including dogs, lizards, hermit crabs, fish, and my personal favorite- snakes! I know just about everything about them and I think they are so cool and lovable. Currently I have a sweet pooch named Koko, a red eared slider turtle named victor and, an Honduran milksnake named Naja and I think they’re all adorable!

My dream is to one day venture into the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and discover a brand-new species, but for now I just want to appreciate any animal I can come across and give it the love and respect they deserve. I’m also an avid outdoorsman who prefers to hike in my spare time and observe the beauty that is mother nature.

For me, the animal always comes first, and I would love to meet yours!

*All No Place Like Home Pet Sitters are Employees. We do not use Independent Contractors.