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So Glad I Found Them!!!!

I Love my 4 Kitties So Much! In the past, I have actually avoided going on vacations because of the guilt that I felt about leaving them. I asked around to all of the pet owners that I know, who would they trust the most with their Pets. EVERYONE said Michelle @ No Place Like Home Pet Sitting! I decided to give it a try. Sherry came to my house for a pre-service visit. You can tell from the moment I met her, she is such a warm person. She asked me ALL of the right questions about my cats and how their typical day goes. I was so relieved after that visit. Every time I have used No Place Like Home, they are ALWAYS ON TIME for the appointment. They send me a full detail of how the service went, along with detailed pictures of my HAPPY CATS! They even take in my mail and take my trash cans to the curb! BONUS!!. I am a HUGE FAN!!

Excellent service

This was our first time using No Place Like Home Pet Sitting. I was very hesitant to leave my 3 pets for 2 weeks to go on vacation. Michelle is amazing as well as Sherry! They took excellent care of our 2 dogs and cat. The twice daily text messages with updates and pictures made me feel much more at ease in knowing I made the right choice. They were very caring and attentive to my pets needs. Michelle even let me know that there was water on the floor in our garage so I asked her to turn off the AC since we had a leak. We will definitely be using this service again and will recommend them to everyone!!

Beyond amazing

No place like home pet sitting is honestly the very best there is to have your pets completely cared for. You are able to see when they arrive, how long they are there and you receive photos and an update with every visit. I can not express how happy I am with this one of a kind service. Thank you for such awesome care of our babies.

Great service!!

We used No Place Like Home for a 10 day vacation. Our cats were given plenty of love and attention! The twice daily emails from our pet sitter, complete with details of her visit and photos of our cats was an awesome addition to the service! Helped us to see that the cats were happy! This company is very professional in every way, and the website portal is easy to use. The employees are responsive and caring. Thank you for the peace of mind that comes with using your service!!

Beyond Amazing!

Michelle and her staff are beyond amazing!! The constant communication with photos and messages made us so confident that the dogs were well taken care! We are so impressed by this service, we will definitely use them again. This was such a wonderful experience for both our family and the dogs! Thank you Amana!!

by Kathleene Hardy on No Place Like Home Pet Sitting
Excellent care

At nearly the last minute of vacation plans, we realized there were a few days that no family members would be home to care for our kitties! And of course one kitty, true to form, came down with a UTI just before we left. Owner Michelle reassured me they would watch over her and even take her to our vet if she had any trouble. No Place Like Home was there for us with little notice and took excellent care of our pets, brought in our mail and packages, swept up after our little litter tossers, and sent me daily updates with pictures! We could not be happier with their service. Amana was loving, and always positive. Thank you so much!

Peace of mind

Michelle and her staff have taken the best care of our two fur babies when we have been away on vacations . The staff have always been caring and genuiine in the interactions with are “girls” and the best part is that they send pictures and messages throughout the day so we have peace of mind that our babies are ok in our abscence. Thank you!!

No Place Like Home Per Sitting is so wonderful! Michelle and all her staff are the best! I feel blessed to be able to call them at any time to help me with my little doggie!

by Jeannie Stratis on No Place Like Home Pet Sitting
Like Family

In the past, finding care for my fur babies has always been stressful. No Place Like Home Pet Siting services is fantastic! I love being able to go away on a business trip or vacation and not have to worry about my two dogs and rabbit while I'm away. I know that they are well taken care of and they, and my home, are safe and sound. The peace of mind is priceless!

by Louise salemme on No Place Like Home Pet Sitting

They are the best the most conscientious always on time and always take care of the pets wonderfully

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