Communication Policy:  All pet sitting-related communication must be done on your private client portal – no exceptions. Calling and/or texting any employees on their private cell phones is strictly prohibited. Using other methods to communicate such as private email and Facebook are also prohibited. This helps keep all sitters and clients on the same page and leaves no room for error. In the event of an emergency, using your client portal IS the quickest way to reach us, as we see all messages that come in immediately. You may also call the office line (813) 494-4538 and leave a message and we will get that message fairly quickly, as well, but we do encourage you to utilize your portal for all communication. 

We provide real time GPS tracking (shown on a map) and a time stamp of arrival and departure at each visit; this gives all of our human clients comfort in knowing we are at your home when we say we are, and for the full time we are supposed to be there. We will provide a full update at each visit, along with pictures of your fur babies, so you know exactly how things are going. These updates will automatically be posted in your client portal for easy reference, and will be delivered to you via email and/or text by our software system. All pet sitters are held to the highest standard when it comes to your home and pets. 

Payment Policy: Please make your reservations as early as possible! Full payment is expected on or before the first day of service. Holiday bookings require a 50% deposit in order to hold your reservation. The balance is then to be paid in full before services begin. We reserve the right to decline or end service for non-payment. Weekly, recurring dog walking and potty break services require payment on first day of service for the week. There is a charge of $35 for returned checks to cover bank service charges.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that plans change and try to be as flexible as possible regarding your pet care needs. If you are a Monday thru Friday mid day client who receives dog walking and/or potty break services on a daily and weekly recurring basis every month, notice no later than 9pm the day before service is required for cancellations in order to receive a full credit towards future services. Any cancellations made after 9pm the day before will not be credited. Services are billed on a monthly basis up front and payment is due on day 1 of service for the month. 

Regular vacation pet sitting services and occasional dog walking/potty break service with no set schedule requires 48 hours advance notice. Any cancellation made with 48 hours or less will not be credited. If a cancellation has not been submitted & confirmed and we arrive at your home to provide care, your account will be charged the visit fee. In the event you must cancel your holiday reservation, the cancellation policy is strictly enforced. *Effective immediately, all holiday reservations will require a 50% deposit in advance to hold your reservation. 

Please understand that we only have a limited number of spots available during the holidays and once we are booked, we must turn away others in order to maintain a high level of care. Because of this, we have had to set up a cancellation policy. Holiday cancellation policy is as follows: 15 days notice or more prior to day of departure – 100% refund.  7-14 days notice prior to day of departure – 50% refund.  6 days or less notice prior to day of departure results in no refund. Refunds and Credits: All refunds are credited to future services.

Last Minute Requests for Existing Clients: A last-minute surcharge of $10 may apply for requests of 48-hours or less. In order to plan accordingly and rearrange our schedule, 48-hours notice is necessary, especially for holidays.

Early Returns: No credit or refunds will be given for early returns. No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC turns down many other people to keep your visits on the schedule. This makes it impossible to rebook the visits that you have reserved. Therefore, for scheduled visits already in progress, there will be no credits for early return.

Arriving Home: Clients are required to send a message via their client portal upon arriving home to let me know that your pet(s) are back in your care again. Doing so will prevent additional charges for unnecessary visits to your home.

Vaccines: For your protection and ours, it is policy that all pets we are caring for are up-to-date and current on their Rabies immunization, including indoor-only pets, no exceptions! Please provide a copy of the Rabies vaccine at the initial Meet and Greet so that we may keep this on file for our records. We understand that not all clients follow a yearly immunization schedule and may choose to follow a titer schedule so the Rabies vaccine is the only one that is mandatory. 

Reservations for New Clients: Will be scheduled after the initial Meet and Greet consultation.

Reservations for Established Clients:  Can be scheduled directly through your client portal. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis, in time blocks, as we cannot commit to an exact time of arrival.  We will, however, always try to accommodate your needs. 

Outdoor Pet Policy: We do not provide service to dogs housed outdoors. Any dogs with outdoor access via a doggie door must have tags or be micro chipped. In the event a pet escapes confinement in between assigned visits, the Client understands and agrees that attempts will be made to contact them.

If Client is unreachable, NPLH has permission to extend the visit to search for pet as necessary. If the pet is recovered by animal control, the Client agrees to reimburse NPLH for any additional fees and all costs relating to pet recovery during their absence, which may include vaccinations, fees and/or other expenses, as well as a transport fee of $35.00.

Pets may not have access to doggie doors during overnight hours, between the last scheduled visit of the evening and the first scheduled visit of the next morning. In addition, a waiver of release of liability will need to be signed for uncontrolled outdoor access.

*If the client’s pet(s) use a “pet door” allowing access outdoors, and the client requests it left open during our care, the client releases No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC from all liability if anything happens to the pet(s) when outdoors.*

Inclement Weather & Natural Disaster:  In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, we will use our best judgment regarding the care of your pets and your home.  This includes but is not limited to altering visit times and feeding schedules.  Should we not be able to make a house visit, we will depend on an emergency contact provided by you at time of initial consultation.  Emergency contact information must be kept current and emergency contact person must be able to access your home.

Job Sharing:  Please notify us of any other person (relative, neighbor, contractor, cleaning service, child away at college, etc.) having permission to access your home while you are away. This is very important. If anyone else is there and we have not been notified in advance, we will need to contact the police for our safety and the safety of your home and pets. No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC does not accept pet sitting assignments where you have also asked someone else to check in or care for your pet(s) during the same time period that we are performing requested services.

Conflicts, problems, and liability can occur with job sharing – and has been known to become a game of “he said, she said”. Only under extremely special circumstances may we agree but cannot be held responsible for the pet(s) being cared for improperly, doors being left unlocked, gates left open, pets getting loose, items being lost or broken, etc. It is also much harder to observe the health of a pet with more than one caregiver.

**No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC is not liable and is completely indemnified for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act(s) of third parties, whether known or unknown, including but not limited to, friends, neighbors, pool persons, landscapers, housekeepers, utility persons, etc.**

Keys: Please provide two sets of keys. Two working copies of your house keys must be provided at time of initial Meet and Greet. All keys are kept in a locked safe with no identifiable information (other than your pets’ names) that would tie it to your home. One key is acceptable only if there is another mean of entry into your home, such as a garage code. 

If you live in a gated community, you must provide a gate code. NO KEYS will be mailed by regular mail, hidden outside, or locked in homes on last visits. Should keys become unusable, lock malfunctions, Client fails to leave a key, or for any other reasons beyond our control, No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC has authorization to employ the services of a locksmith to gain entry into a Client’s home on Client’s behalf. Client will be responsible for all expenses incurred and reimburse No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC upon return.

Please test all keys, making sure they work, prior to giving to pet sitter. If extra visits are requested to pick up and drop off keys after the initial complimentary Meet and Greet, a $5 service charge will apply.

Checks: Please make all checks payable to No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC.

Nosmokingsign-150x150Smoke Free: No Place Like Home Pet Sitting, LLC is a Smoke-Free Workplace. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to health concerns, we are unable to provide service to those clients who smoke inside their homes. Thank you for your understanding!